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Diamond Tools Antike Floor 5,5” – Antike Floor/grit 46

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Antike Floor diamond tools 5,5”/ø140mm.

  • GRIT: grit 46
  • SIZE: 5,5”/ø140mm
  • MACCHINE COMPATIBILI: Legend 450, Legend Wooden
  • Compatible with HG, Bimack
  • Delivery 7 Working Days
  • Always Free Shipping (land / sea transport)
  • 15 days to return your order
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The antike brushes are the best way to produce an antique look on marble floors in a natural and strictly mechanical way without using any chemical products. Do not apply any extra weight to avoid bending the bristles.


Standard Process:

  1. Start grinding with ANTIKE BRUSH grit 46 until you obtain an irregular surface. In case you want to achieve a very irregular surface, start with ANTIKE BRUSH grit 36 or STEEL BRUSH.
  2. Proceed with ANTIKE FLOOR grit 70.
  3. Complete the work with grit 120 and grit 240, in order to achieve an antique look with semi•polished finish.
  4. To obtain a polished look, proceed with antique floor grit 320 and grit 500.
  5. To leave the surface waterproofed and to improve the colour, apply “ANTIKO”.