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Concrete floor: costs and prices per square meter

Concrete or screed floors can be an interesting and attractive alternative to conventional floor coverings. Perhaps you have thought of asking for a quote to create a smooth concrete floor or you are wondering about how much it costs.

In the past they were mainly found in commercial buildings and industrial warehouses, but today they have long since moved into private living areas, where they are used as an extraordinary element of style and design.

In the following article you will find out what costs you will have to incur if you decide to sand a concrete floor.

Exposed concrete and concrete as flooring in apartments or houses

If you decide from the beginning to use a concrete floor in your private area, you should immediately opt for exposed concrete. The main differences from other floor coverings lie in the surface structure, balanced appearance and pore size.

If the concrete floor is finally sanded and / or polished, you will get even more shine with the already smooth surface. On the other hand, fair-faced concrete is much more difficult to produce, so generally higher costs have to be reckoned with. In the end, however, you will be rewarded with an attractive and numb floor covering.

The cost of concrete floor sanding varies according to the type of finish and of the company performing the work. However, you can expect additional costs such as flat rate.

The cost of sanding and polishing the concrete floor

Before we can determine the actual cost of sanding and polishing of the concrete floor, it is necessary to take into account several factors in the calculation.

The cost depends on the raw material chosen. Is the floor being laid in a new building or is there already a floor? The size of the floor also plays a crucial role in the cost, as does the floor plan.

In addition, the desired execution quality is also decisive for the price. In addition, the type of use influences the price, as heavy floors naturally involve higher costs than floors that are not particularly stressed. All the factors mentioned affect the price of sanding and polishing the concrete floor.

Tip: try to get various offers before deciding on the executing company and compare them in order to keep costs as low as possible.

Prices and costs for concrete floors per square meter (m2)

Basically, depending on the floor type, whether you choose a standard, living room concrete floor or a good quality concrete floor, you can expect the following prices.

The triple cut for a satin floor costs around 60 euros per square meter. There are additional treatments as well. Coarse sanding costs around € 75 per square meter.

Of course, additional costs are possible if you want a concrete floor with a terrazzo-like surface, for example.

The glossy finish is done next as a fourth step. Then another five euros per square meter are paid. If you opt for the glossy finish, which ensures brilliantly reflective surfaces, you pay an extra ten euros per square meter.

Seal the concrete floor and let it soak

In most cases, you must also expect costs for impregnating or sealing the floor, as they increase stain resistance and surface resilience. Two-component impregnations increase the hardness and therefore the durability of the concrete floor.

Of course, at first glance, manufacturing a concrete floor seems relatively expensive . Please note, however, that all additional costs for an additional floor covering are no longer necessary.

If you decide for a polished concrete floor that has been created with high-quality work by a specialist, the floor is not only very durable, but also particularly durable. It is no longer necessary to replace it. Therefore, the high start-up costs can be beneficial for you.

Tip: If all the work is done by experts , the new concrete floor is much harder and more durable than conventional floors. In the long run, you will save so much money.

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