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Differences between polished concrete and other types of flooring

Basic polished concrete is often less expensive the installation of other flooring options. In addition to being cheaper to install in the beginning, there is also a huge difference in long-term costs when it comes to maintenance and replacement.

polished concrete requires minimal maintenance (regular dust cleaning and occasional moisture cleaning) and can last a lifetime. Other surfaces, such as carpet, require more frequent and deeper cleaning and may need to be replaced in as little as 8-10 years.

Polished concrete against tiles

Ceramic tiles offer a wide variety of design options , have a good duration and a fairly simple maintenance, apart from cleaning the joints. The initial cost, however, can be 4 times (or more) higher than installing polished concrete.

Sanded concrete against hard wood

Generally, your color options are limited to shades of brown, with some newer wood flooring options available in white or gray tones. The service life is shorter than polished concrete, as the surface can be scratched or dented.

Wood and laminate floors can be damaged by water and mold or mildew. Basic polished concrete can cost half , or less, than installing hardwood floors.

Polished cement against epoxy resin

Epoxy coatings compare similarly to basic or mid-range polished finishes in terms of cost, durability, and ease of maintenance.

How to clean polished concrete?

To maintain the floor in polished concrete in good condition, it is to apply a wet cleaning, which must be carried out using chemicals a neutral pH . As a…

Continuous industrial flooring

The continuous industrial flooring , must satisfy the following minimum features: Abrasion resistance. Resistance to high temperatures. Resistance to the use of chemicals. Don’t break. Must have flame retardant properties….

How to make a continuous flooring?

The first step before the production and installation of the continuous industrial flooring is to know the final use that such flooring will have. Based on the use that the…