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DIY Polished Concrete: Can I do it myself?

With the increase in popularity of the industrial look, concrete floors increase in popularity. A smooth are becoming more and more common. And while you can easily find articles and videos showing you how to do it yourself, we don’t recommend , and here’s why:

  • Surface preparation: To achieve the desired look, it is necessary to ensure that the surface is not only free of cracks and holes, but is also structurally sound. If you plan on applying the dye, there are strict guidelines on how to clean and prepare the surface for a successful application.
  • Equipment: rental of equipment for grinding and polishing can be expensive. It also takes skill to get a flat surface with a smooth edge-to-edge finish. Improper use of the equipment can leave permanent marks on the surface.
  • Design Options: If you are looking for something other than plain gray, it is best to leave the tints and other design elements to the professionals . Many things can go wrong : from poor or inconsistent coloring due to poor surface preparation to permanent mistakes made when marking a design.

If errors are made, they are likely to be permanent . At that point, you should install a coating and start over or abandon your dream of glossy floors and install another flooring option on top.

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