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How much does it cost to polish concrete floors?

The best way to find out how much you will pay is to get quotes for your project. But here are some ranges of price to help you start figuring out your budget.

Base: from 15 euros to 20 euros per square meter

An economical choice could include:

  • A layer and the color of the tint
  • Sanding and polishing for a moderate shine
  • Minimal surface preparation

Medium range: from € 20 to € 23 per square meter

This range allows you to add some customizations:

  • Two colors of the tint
  • A texture or other simple design element
  • Shinier finish
  • Preparation of the larger surface

High-end: from € 23 to € 35 or more per square meter

  • Multiple colors of the tint or custom color combinations
  • Elaborate designs and textures
  • Hand-applied coloring details
  • Even more sanding and surface preparation

These price ranges refer to sanding, polishing and decorative elements applied to existing concrete. The installation of new concrete would be in addition to the above price ranges.

Factors that influence the price

Below are more details on the factors that contribute to the final cost:

  • Gloss or gloss level: The gloss level determines the number of steps in the polishing process, the shinier the finish, the more steps are required, which results in a higher cost.
  • Area: the total square footage obviously translates into the total overall cost, but the price per square meter can be significantly lower for larger spaces.
  • Number of rooms: More rooms equals more edges and doors to bypass, the use of smaller portable equipment, and increased labor costs.
  • Current Flooring: If the current flooring needs to be removed, this adds to the cost of the project. It also has some effect on surface preparation costs. For example, if a floor is currently carpeted or covered with linoleum, the glue will need to be removed.
  • Condition of the existing surface: Cracks, holes and depressions in the existing surface must be repaired before the surface can be sanded and polished. Stains also need to be treated, and in some cases, if necessary repairs are extensive, a coating may be required before polishing. Extensive surface preparation can add an additional $ 2 per square foot.
  • Design elements: the extension of the design has the greatest impact on the price per square foot. From simple polishing of plain gray concrete to working out custom designs, almost anything is possible.
  • Above Level Floors: plans to add 6 to 9 euros per square meter to install glossy floors on raised decks or sub floors, as waterproofing and subfloor will be required first cement .

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