Diamond Tools Bush Hammer 240

Bush-Hammer A3 9,5”/ø240mm

  • MACHINE: Legend 530, Legend 650, Legend 750, Legend 850, Mito 580
  • SIZE: 9,5”/ø240mm
COD: HGUT022402 Categorie: ,


BUSH Hammer is an exclusive tool designed by Samich for many applications:

  • To make safety anti-slip surfaces on marble, granite and natural stones. To remove glue, varnish and resin coatings.
  • To break-down thick coatings difficult to remove with normal diamond tools.
  • To create “face-see effect“on precast panels”.
  • To scarify any kind of surface.
  • To create orange-peel skin on any surface.
  • For floor preparation. Using Bush Hammer, in combination with Diamond Tools, it is possible to prepare surface in the best way possible in order to apply a new coating correctly.


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