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Floor Pads SuperClean – 5,5”/ø140mm

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Diamond Floor Pad for cleaning and for floor maintenance.

  • SIZE: 5,5”/ø140mm
  • Compatible with HG, Bimack
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Diamond Floor Pad for cleaning and for floor maintenance.

For daily maintenance of the floors. This step will effectively maintain a high gloss on the surface when used regularly Its ideal for use on all floor surfaces such marble stone, vinyl and linoleum floors, terrazzo and natural stone surfaces. Its also very effective in polishing polish-coated vinyl and linoleum floors.

We are aware of the importance of always having a clean and well maintained floor, though this is not always easy and not expensive.

The SuperClean discs allow you to wash the floor in an effective, ecological and economical way. SuperClean is available in all sizes for use with both single disc and scrubbing machines Using SuperClean on regular basis to wash the surface will help achieving an incredibly clean and shiny floor without the use of wax or chemicals. NEEDS WATER ONLY!


  • Low costs.
  • Improved results.
  • High customers satisfaction.
  • Floor is always clean and shine
  • Ecological
  • Needs water only

Where to use the SUPERCLEAN?

  • Marble and terrazzo
  • Klinker and ceramics
  • Natural stone
  • PVC / vinyl
  • Epoxy resin
  • Rubber
  • Wood
  • Polished Concrete Floor® – polished concrete