Industrial Dust Extractor – Samich Dustonator 250 ASC

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Industrial Dust Extractor.

  • Model: Dustnator 250 ASC
  • Motor: 8 kW
  • Depress. max mm H2O: 2750
  • Volt: 380-480
  • Hertz: 50/60
  • Amp: 16
  • Filter Surfaces cm2: 97000
  • Air flow max m3/h: 724
  • Noise Level dB/(A): 65
  • Tank Capacity: 100 lt
  • Dimensions WxHxD cm: 154x220x64
  • Weight: 342 kg


DUSTNATOR 250 is designed for industrial applications where a large amount of dust or dirt needs to be extracted while working. It is equipped with 2 independent motors that combine to make a total of 8KW or 11HP. DUSTINATOR 250 is available in a ASC or SC version.

The ASC series is equipped with a control unit with 4 automatic self-cleaning programs that greatly increases the performance of the vacuum cleaner. It has many safety features that insure its performance. A vacuum imitator valve ensures the cooling of the engines even in continuative use.

A pressure indicator allows you to monitor any anomalies or clogging of filters. A Thermal sensor disrupts the operation of the engines in case of overheating. Two secondary filters protect the engine in case of accidental passage of dust through the main filters.


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