Industrial Dust Extractor – Samich Koala Compact 423B

875 788

Professional Vacuum Cleaners.

  • Model: Koala Compact 423B
  • N. Motors: 2 By-pass
  • Power W: 2600 W max
  • Volt: 230 or 110
  • Depress. max mm H2O: 2380
  • Air flow max m3/h: 430
  • Tank Capacity: 114 lt


The series koala Compact are made with the most advanced technology. The are the best vacuum cleaners in the market.

Independent auto cooling motors, anti cracking tank, anti foam system, anticollision trolley, strong grip handle and directionable wheels.

The version M has in the back a special pipe device to discharge the water collected. The version B has a tipping tank. The prices include the standard accessories.


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