Professional Floor Grinding Machine – Samich Legend 950

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Professional with Planetary Floor Head Grinding Machine.

  • Model: Legend 950
  • Motor: 25 HP
  • Drive Inverter: 18,5Kw
  • Volt: 380-480
  • Hertz: 50/60
  • Amp: 32
  • Speed tools rpm: 300-1300
  • Working Width: 950mm
  • Tools Size: 3x340mm
  • Water Tank: 46 lt
  • Dimensions WxHxD cm: 150x150x95
  • Weight: 421 kg


The Legend 950 is one of the most powerful and desired machines in the market.

Main features:

  • With the included remote control (for the RX version only) it is possible to control all the working functions such as:
  • Speed and directions of the machine.
  • Speed of the Planetary.
  • Planetary turning directions.
  • Control of grinding head pressure.
  • Drift control.
  • Emergency safety stop.

Other features:

  • Working width 950 mm with 3 large size 340 mm tools.
  • Speed of tools ranging from 300 to 1300 rpm.
  • Automatic adjustment of the working pressure.
  • Strong gear box with thermo-hardened steel gears for a longer life.
  • Adjustable inclination of the Planetary to allow a bigger frontal cutting.
  • No noise during the work.
  • Third insertable front wheel for easy transport and to load into the van.
  • Battery powered for independent tractions when unplugged.
  • Auto levelling Planetary System.

Additional features:

  • To prevent working emergencies the machine is engineered to be driven manually using the included handle and unlocking traction wheels. Optional items are LED lighting allowing you to see the surface better as you work.


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