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Reasons to choose a continuous decorative floor

In the construction sector, coatings are one of the elements that have experienced the greatest innovation in recent years.

It is worth highlighting the latest advances in decorative continuous flooring whose demand has increased significantly due to the benefits of its use following the improvements made.

Now, given that there is a great variety of continuous flooring, it is convenient to know them before choosing one or the other. This is because the choice largely depends on our needs and the characteristics of the space they are intended for: home, warehouse or industrial premises.

What is continuous flooring?

It is a highly resistant and durable type of flooring which is characterized by having no edges, joints or joints. Visually it gives a feeling of spaciousness and a elegant appearance.

Why choose a continuous decorative floor?

Very simple, this type of flooring is characterized by its versatility. It offers a multitude of possibilities in terms of aesthetics and finishes. For this, it is one of the most requested floor coverings.


  • It is customizable: diversity of colors and finishes
  • Aesthetics: adapts to different styles of decoration
  • Cleaning and maintenance: it’s a lot hygienic in the sense that it is a very resistant and easy to maintain floor
  • Grip: has characteristics that make it a non-slip surface
  • Smooth: free of porosity
  • Simple to install: installs quickly
  • Hardness: it is resistant to strong impacts and ideal for busy places.

Some of the most requested continuous flooring:

  • Self-leveling : these floors are usually reserved for industrial areas that cover a multitude of warehouses. The reason is that they have high resistance to both impact and rolling or abrasion. Normally, it consists of a concrete slab coated with cement or epoxy resin, this being the one with the greatest decorative possibilities, since it can be presented in different colors.
  • Polished concrete : it is characterized by its resistance, which is why it is widely used in large spaces, mainly industrial and with a lot of traffic, such as car parks. It is easy to maintain and does not break easily.
  • Resin floors : ideal for places with high traffic. Its maintenance is simple and lends itself to original finishes: glossy, matte or satin. It is highly sought after in decoration and when you do not want to make large works, as it can be used to apply it on the existing floor.

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Continuous industrial flooring

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How to make a continuous flooring?

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