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The best materials for industrial flooring

The construction techniques, materials and finishes with which jobs in industries and businesses are carried out today have evolved a lot in recent years. Nowadays, the quality and strength of materials are not incompatible with design, and attractive industries or businesses can be created with high quality materials and finishes, specially designed to last for years and years.

Types of industrial floors

  1. Printed concrete: is a type of flooring widely used on various surfaces such as courtyards, terraces, sidewalks, walkways, parks, garages and even parking lots, among others. It is a very floor which is very resistant, attractive and with great durability, very important factors to consider when choosing the best material for any type of surface.
  2. Polished concrete: is the perfect option when looking for a mirror effect on the surface. It is advisable to choose this type of flooring even when the floor is destined to have heavy traffic and must bear heavy weights. It is very common to find this type of flooring in large industrial areas, such as factories, warehouses, shopping centers, museums, parking lots….
  3. Decorative concrete: this type of concrete is a very popular floor because it protects the most damaged surfaces from the passage of time or from improper use. It is very resistant, easy to maintain and offers a perfect finish.
  4. Resins: these types of floors are perfect for give a renewed air without having to go into the realization of complicated works. They have been a widely used option in industrial and commercial surfaces for many years, and now we see how their use has spread within homes.

Are you looking for the best industrial floor? Contact us if you need to lay the floors of your industry or business and want to guarantee quality.

How to clean polished concrete?

To maintain the floor in polished concrete in good condition, it is to apply a wet cleaning, which must be carried out using chemicals a neutral pH . As a…

Continuous industrial flooring

The continuous industrial flooring , must satisfy the following minimum features: Abrasion resistance. Resistance to high temperatures. Resistance to the use of chemicals. Don’t break. Must have flame retardant properties….

How to make a continuous flooring?

The first step before the production and installation of the continuous industrial flooring is to know the final use that such flooring will have. Based on the use that the…

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