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The choice of the type of industrial flooring

When choosing industrial floors in Rome, we must try to put ourselves in the hands of professionals, as it is a very important choice when applying them to the floors of our company or business.

Industrial flooring essentially becomes the basis of our company and we must choose an adequate flooring, otherwise we will have to incur avoidable maintenance costs as well as being forced to stop our production. The flooring must be resistant to shocks or blows and even at high temperatures . Another essential quality of the floors is that they are waterproof, dustproof and non-slip .

There are different types of industrial flooring which we highlight below in this post.

Some types of industrial flooring

  • concrete floors become an excellent choice due to its long life, they are highly durable and resistant to all kinds of external factors. In addition, they are able to withstand high pressures and one of the main advantages they have is that they require virtually no maintenance. They are made of polished or stamped concrete .
  • resins are suitable for floors in commercial and industrial areas. It is widely used in industries, especially in the food industry, as it is an optimal material that meets all hygiene and safety measures. They are also used as a decorative trend.
  • For their part, decorative floors are very resistant to bad weather and traffic in passages. Ideal for their aesthetic and design characteristics.
  • The multilayers , in addition to their aesthetic characteristics, are very versatile, non-slip, waterproof and hygienic
  • Finally self-leveling , floors with high adhesion and very resistant to chemical agents, as well as having a valuable aesthetic finish.

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