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Understanding the benefits of polished concrete

There are several benefits to choosing polished concrete for your commercial or residential property. However, the main advantages of polished concrete are durability, aesthetics, and minimal maintenance. We’ve outlined some key benefits of choosing sanded concrete for your property.

It’s an investment

It is also a worthwhile investment. Typical concrete floors cost between € 80 – € 170 per m2 and with that, you get a floor that will not only retain its luster and appearance, but will also stand the test of time.

Save on your electricity bill

It is also a great candidate for saving on electricity bills; as it retains the heat obtained from solar gain (natural heat through windows, etc.) and is able to recycle and cool rooms when it is too hot.

It is the best choice for underfloor heating

Polished concrete is one of the best flooring options if you are looking to install the underfloor heating. The main reason is because concrete has a very high thermal mass, which means it is good for storing and distributing heat throughout the property.

Offers a completely unique finish

Polished concrete is distinguished from other finishes by its luster and elegance. Each glossy finish will look different depending on the characteristics of the concrete slab.

Furthermore, the mixing and installation process will also dictate the final aesthetic result (due to the different sands and aggregates used). No polished concrete finish is ever the same, making your floor design one of a kind .

It is a safe alternative to flooring

One of the biggest misconceptions about polished concrete flooring is that it is slippery. While the design and name may suggest it is prone to slipping, the polished concrete actually offers a lot of underfoot friction. This is something to consider if you are concerned about the risks of slipping for your children and / or pets.

Furthermore, polished concrete is probably the most affordable flooring on the market.

Extremely low maintenance

Concrete is generally known for its durability and durability, and polished concrete is no different. While it does not follow the same process of creating other forms of concrete, it is equally (if not more) durable.

In addition, it is very simple to clean and maintain for this reason. Polished concrete will only require sweeping, scrubbing and if you want to keep it shiny, use a microfiber rag to clean and remove dirt particles.

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