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Why rely on a company specialized in floor polishing?

Whatever the type of flooring, it wears out due to use and time: it is inevitable. Furthermore, there are materials that are more prone to deteriorate faster than others, as well as absorb dirtier. When this happens, floors tend to darken and lose their initial luster.

Therefore, it is necessary for the floor to be polished from time to time, to remove said dirt and the floors regain their beauty from the beginning. But polishing the floors is not an easy task, it is arduous, expensive, time-consuming and requires a lot of patience, precision and experience for the result to be optimal. Therefore, when necessary, it is essential to hire a company that specializes in polishing floors.

These floor polishing companies know which tactics and products to use for each floor type. In addition, they know how to cover and protect your furniture and decorative elements so that they are not damaged and they also know which safety and protective materials they should use for their own safety while working.

What is the average price to polish a floor?

Nationally, the average price for polishing floors is around 280 euros. 71% of the prices or the budgets that professionals make available to its customers, it ranges between 125 and 600 euros per job.

Obviously, it is necessary to consider the dimensions of the floor to be polished, the material used, the qualities, the material and the condition of the floor, etc … These conditions will determine and condition the final price.

For each type of terrain, a different technique

Depending on what type of flooring you have, the company will apply one or the other polishing technique. Let’s see them:

Stoneware floor: by mixing water with ammonia and a little oil, it can be scrubbed with a cloth or mop for the right shine. If even more shine is needed, the specialist company uses textile polishers and chemicals to make the stoneware floor shine like the first day.

Granite floor: its luster is quite durable, but like everything, it’s not even eternal. By applying abrasive chemicals and using a machine with stainless steel blades, proper polishing can be performed.

Marble floor: although its brilliance lasts a long time, it inevitably gets lost with the passage of time and use. The professional or specialized company applies chemical products and uses a polisher to crystallize, obtaining a mirror effect on the marble and embellishing it.

Wooden floor: this floor is very delicate and you have to be very careful every day so that it always looks like new. The specialized company will use a polisher and apply a special odorless and non-toxic paint to make it shine and regain its natural color.

How to clean polished concrete?

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Continuous industrial flooring

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