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Industrial Dust Extractor – Pre-separator Drum

1.895 1.706 + VAT

Pre-separator with 200 Lt tipping tank.

  • Compatible with HG, Bimack
  • Delivery 7 Working Days
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New series of pre-separators the best to vacuum huge quantities of dust even from long distance.

Pre-Separators to vacuum huge quantity of dust from the long distance. All the dust is collected into the pre-separator while only the minimum fine dust reach the vacuum. It is possible to vacuum directly into the pre-separator even from long distance 40-50 meters. The preseparator increases highly the productivity of the vacuum cleaner and the quality of its performances.

It collects and separates large particles, larger chips, pieces of metal, screws, pieces of glass and other things that can occur on a construction site, before reaching the vacuum cleaners. This system increases the dust extractor’s overall capacity and extends the life of the filters.