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Where can polished concrete be used

Polished concrete floors are ideal for creating a seamless connection continuity between inside and outside, especially when connecting an eat-in kitchen with the garden. The reflective and sturdy material holds up well in high traffic areas which is why you will find it in many stores.

Depending on its condition, it may be possible to polish the existing concrete. This is common in basement conversions or when transforming warehouses and industrial facilities.

It is generally easier to install polished concrete floors in a new construction project. This is because you can more easily plan an arrangement that supports the weight of the material.

However, a readjustment scenario is also possible. When applying concrete retrospectively, it will be necessary to consider whether the floor structure can bear the weight additional (about 200 kg per m2).

You should also consider the fact that the ceiling height inside an existing property will be reduced by at least 10cm.

How to clean polished concrete?

To maintain the floor in polished concrete in good condition, it is to apply a wet cleaning, which must be carried out using chemicals a neutral pH . As a…

Continuous industrial flooring

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